Who are you going to vote for?

The 2023 Local Government is fast approaching ... so how do you figure out who to vote for?

Step 1:
Confirm your Local Government Area

Make sure you know in which LGA you are situated. You can use this handy tool from MyCouncil to figure it out.

Click on "Map View" to locate your registered address within the boundaries.

Council boundaries.png

Step 2:
Confirm your ward

Some Local Governments are split further into wards. In an election, you can only vote for a representative in your own ward.

Most Local Governments have a ward map on their website. The best way to figure out which ward you're in is to quickly search "(Your LGA) ward map"

Note: Many LGAs undertook a Ward and Representation Review in 2023 due to changes in Local Government legislation. Wards in your district may function differently to how they previously did.

Step 3:
Learn about your local candidates

Now it's time to decide who to vote for. Which councillor displays the values and perspectives that most align with your own?

The simplest way to view who is up for election, and what their platform looks like, is by searching "(Your LGA) election candidates" and following the links on your LGA's website.

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